NVMe SSD compatibility list

Before launching our boards we concluded extensive testing to ensure compatibility with popular drives. If you want to use a different drive it will mostly likely work without any issues. Our compatibility list also includes performance benchmarks made with the tool provided by pibenchmarks.com

When purchasing a drive please make sure that you purchase a NVMe drive, not a SATA drive!

Compatible drives

Name DD Write HDParam(disk)
Pineberry Pi Pinedrive (2280) 388 MB/s 817.69 MB/s
Western Digital SN530 441 MB/s 845.35 MB/s
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 314 MB/s 776.7 MB/s
Sabrent Rocket 4.0 350 MB/s 773.9 MB/s
Crucial P3 Plus M.2 Series 441 MB/s 798.97 MB/s
PNY CS1030 444 MB/s 744.15 MB/s
Samsung 980 426 MB/s 791.31 MB/s
Lexar NM620 444 MB/s 849.2 MB/s
Crucial P3 Plus 359 MB/s 777.5 MB/s
KIOXIA EXCERIA 394 MB/s 802.09 MB/sec
Lexar NM710 393 MB/s 849.91 MB/sec
Kingston KC3000 393 MB/s 832.70 MB/sec
XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE 403 MB/s 829.90 MB/sec

Lexar NM620 shipps with various firmware revisions, you might need to use this drive in Gen 2 mode.

Not compatible drives

We generally recommend staying away from Western Digital drives completely. We received various messages from our community about issues with those drives. We've identified that those drives may not work (depends on their revision and firmware):

  • WD SN740 (not detected on HatDrive! 2023/V1, works on never revisions)
  • WD SN350  (not detected on HatDrive! 2023/V1, works on never revisions)
  • WD SN770  (not detected on HatDrive! 2023/V1, works on never revisions)
  • Transcend TSXXXGMTE300S (submitted by our community)

Updates to HatDrive! boards (2024)

We constantly improve our products, in Q1 2024 we updated our boards by adding support for HAT+ power management (support for NVMe sleep etc). As a result those boards also have improved compatibility with NVMe drives, the updated Raspberry Pi firmware restarts the drive if the initialisation failed in the bootloader. Drives from Western Digital that we tested (SN530, SN350, SN740 and SN550) are now working for us, but your mileage may vary. Every board sold on our website after March 11, 2024 comes with the updates mentioned above (HatDrive! Top and Hat Ai! received the update in January, HatDrive! Top and HatDrive Top Lite were updated in March).

You can check the revision by looking on your board, the date and revision is printed next to the model (example: Hat Ai! 2024/V3)