Thank you for visiting us at Embedded World 2024!

Thank you for visiting us at Embedded World 2024!

This year, our small but mighty stand at Embedded World in Nürnberg marked a significant milestone for us. Sharing the hall with the industry's largest players was not only a thrill but also a huge motivator to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The event was a bustling hub of activity with moments where queues formed just to get a glimpse of what we had to offer. We're excited to report that our presence was well-received, and the interest in our products was higher than ever.

Innovations Unveiled

At the forefront of our exhibition were our latest developments, the uPCIty evaluation board and the HatDrive! Piano, both set to hit the market soon. These products represent our commitment to expanding Raspberry Pi capabilities and enhancing user experience in significant ways.

We also showcased the HatDrive! AI, a groundbreaking expansion board designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. This board is a true game-changer, blending NVMe drive support with a dedicated M.2 E-Key slot for the Google Coral Edge TPU, perfect for AI enthusiasts looking to supercharge their projects with both speed and smart processing capabilities.

For those looking to enhance their network performance, we introduced the HatDrive! NET 1G and HatDrive! NET 2.5G. These boards meld high-speed NVMe storage with robust Ethernet connectivity, offering solutions that dramatically increase data transfer rates and network reliability.

Additionally, our HatDrive! Dual board was unveiled, catering to users with advanced storage needs. Supporting dual NVMe storage slots, this board is ideal for high-capacity, high-speed storage requirements, including NAS configurations for data redundancy.

Expansion and Connectivity Made Easy

Another highlight from our lineup is the HatBRICK! Commander. This pioneering board expands the Raspberry Pi 5’s potential by enabling the connection of two additional PCIe boards. It's built for users who demand versatility and high performance from their Raspberry Pi setups.

Looking Forward

Our interview with the crew from gave attendees a sneak peek at these exciting developments. If you missed it, check the video linked below to hear directly from our team about what makes these products so special and how they can transform your Raspberry Pi projects.


As we continue to innovate, we're already planning bigger things for next year's Embedded World. With the enthusiasm and feedback we've received, we're motivated more than ever to keep growing, developing, and bringing revolutionary products to our community.

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