Introducing the HatDrive! Nano

Introducing the HatDrive! Nano

Good things come in small packages and to prove that point, today we’re launching the Pineboards HatDrive! Nano, offering a 2230/2242 M-Key M.2 HAT for the Raspberry Pi in a tiny 55x34mm footprint! 

With such a tiny M.2 HAT, you get to make use of NVMe SSDs, AI accelerators, and anything else that makes use of an M-Key in this form factor. All with the added benefit of being able to use the lid on your official case to keep things neat and tidy. Want to use the Active Cooler too? No problem, you can! 

Let’s give you a quick run through of what we think are the most compelling features of the newest addition to the HatDrive family. 

Incredibly Small Footprint 

Measuring just 55x34mm at its widest points, the HatDrive! Nano is one of (if not the) smallest M.2 HAT available today. With it only covering a small part of the Pi, your Raspberry Pi Active Cooler can pull in air unobstructed and keep things under control. 

As you can see, it's roughly half the size of our HatDrive TOP!

Official Case Compatibility 

We didn’t stop at Active Cooler compatibility! Whilst we think it’s a pretty little thing, with the Nano, you’re able to place the lid of the official Pi 5 case on as if it wasn’t there, and we won’t hold a grudge against you for covering it up. 


Wide-Ranging Device Support 

We wanted to make sure that the M-Key M.2 connector had the SUSCLK signal present. This is a feature of the M.2 connector that certain drives use and having it available boosts NVMe SSD compatibility! 

Other than that, it can run at both PCIe Gen 2 or 3 speeds and accepts all 2230/2242-sized M-Key M.2 devices so go ahead and install anything your heart desires (within reason). 

No Half Measures 

It may be teeny tiny, but we didn’t cop out when it came to making sure everything was of the highest quality. For example, we put an excellent 3A buck converter in there to improve efficiency, thus reducing heat output. 

Everything else we managed to cram onto the board is first-rate too, though that’s what you’ve come to expect from us at this point. 

High Quality Accessories 

We’ve made sure that everything we include to get you up and running with the HatDrive! Nano screams “premium”. 

In the box you’ll receive a 25mm impedance controlled PCIe FPC cable for connecting to your Raspberry Pi 5, along with quality metal screws and spacers. For those of you not wanting to use it in the official case, don’t fret, we’ve included 2 sets of mounting screws so you can assemble it on its own too! 

Great Value 

Last but not least, we’ve made sure that the newest HatDrive! In the lineup is Nano in both size and impact on your wallet. 

With an RRP of just €9, it’s one of the most affordable options out there to make the ultimate upgrade from your aging microSD card. 

Where Can I Buy the HatDrive! Nano? 

You can order your HatDrive! Nano now from ThePiHut (UK), Welectron (DE), Botland (PL, DE, and CZ), (Global) or directly via the Pineboards Store. 

We’ll be keeping our eyes out to see what people do with their Nano, and if you want to show your project off, let us know on X (formerly Twitter) and we may throw a retweet (repost? Whatever..) your way! 

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