First new Pineboards!

First new Pineboards!

We've been busy in the lab cooking up some new gear for everyone who loves tinkering with their Pi 5. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve got coming your way:

Hat uPCIty Lite

Meet the uPCIty Lite, our newest PCI Express evaluation board that’s ready to play nice with your Raspberry Pi 5. It comes with an open-ended PCIe X4 slot, so feel free to connect something as beastly as an RTX 4090 if that's your style. The board includes options for external power via a standard ATX connector or a barrel jack for smaller setups, and we've made sure it's built tough but safe, so it won't fry your Pi.

Hat uPCIty Lite is available in in our store for €26,99 before taxes and shipping.

HatDrive! Piano

For those who miss the good ol’ headphone jack on their Pi 5, we've brought it back with the HatDrive! Piano. This little board packs a serious punch with a high-quality DAC from Texas Instruments and support for PCIe GEN 3 M.2 NVMe storage. Whether you’re looking to boost your Pi's audio output or speed up its storage, this board has got you covered.

HatDrive! Piano is available in in our store for €32.99 before taxes and shipping.

Hat mPCIe

If you're looking to add a bit more connectivity to your Pi setup, our Hat mPCIe board might be just what you need. It’s a neat little mini PCI Express board that fits snug under your Pi without blocking any GPIO access and includes options for USB 2.0 and a nano SIM slot for cellular projects.

Hat mPCIe is available in in our store for €18.99 before taxes and shipping. We have also switched our basic AI bundle to the mPCIe Coral Edge TPU and it allowed us to slightly lower the price. You can find the Hat mPCIe Coral Edge TPU Bundle in our store for €44.99 before taxes and shipping.

Hat Ai! Dual

And for the AI enthusiasts out there, we’re excited to introduce the Hat Ai! Dual. It’s our first board designed to integrate with the Google Coral Dual Edge TPU, perfect for boosting your AI projects with the Raspberry Pi 5. It’s straightforward to set up and comes with everything you need to get started right away.

Hat Ai! Dual is available in in our store for €35.99 before taxes and shipping. We also have a bundle available with the Google Coral Dual Edge TPU for €89.99 before taxes and shipping.

We hope you'll find these new products interesting and you already figured out how to incorporate them into your next project. We’re excited to see what you’ll create with these!

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