Coral Edge TPU on Raspberry Pi 5 is now easier to configure!

Coral Edge TPU on Raspberry Pi 5 is now easier to configure!

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement for AI developers and enthusiasts using the Google Coral Edge TPU with the Raspberry Pi 5. Our recent contribution of a dedicated device tree overlay (dtoverlay) to the Raspberry Pi kernel has been officially merged in version 6.6.30. This integration signifies that users no longer need to manually modify the device tree overlay after each kernel update, streamlining the setup process considerably.

What Does This Mean for You?

Enabling the Pineboards Hat AI on your Raspberry Pi 5 is now more straightforward than ever. By simply adding dtoverlay=pineboards-hat-ai to your configuration, the system will automatically recognize the AI hardware, allowing you to dive straight into your projects without the hassle of manual setups. This change is not just a time-saver but also ensures that your configurations are stable and repeatable, ideal for both experimentation and production deployments.

For detailed guidance on configuring your Google Coral Edge TPU on the Raspberry Pi 5, visit our comprehensive tutorial: Pineboards Tutorial.

Explore Pineboards AI Products

At Pineboards, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of accessible AI technology. Our product lineup is designed to cater to a range of needs, from hobbyists to professional developers:

  • Hat Ai! & Hat Ai! Coral Edge TPU Bundle: Perfect for those starting their journey in AI, this board is compatible with the Coral TPU, offering a seamless experience right out of the box.
  • HatDrive! Ai & HatDrive! Coral Edge TPU Bundle: Elevate your AI projects with this powerful combination that provides enhanced processing capabilities and storage options.
  • Hat Ai! Dual & Hat Ai! Dual : As the world's first dual edge board, this innovative product can be purchased with a TPU or separately, offering unmatched flexibility and performance.

    Limited Edition Offer: Hat mPCIe with Coral

    For those looking for an even greater value, our Hat mPCIe, now available with the Coral TPU in limited quantities, represents an exceptional deal. This option is more affordable than other products while still delivering the robust performance you expect from Pineboards.

    To explore all our products and find the perfect fit for your AI needs, please visit: Pineboards Products.

    Moving Forward

    Pineboards remains dedicated to enhancing the usability and accessibility of powerful AI tools. With these developments, we aim to empower more creators and innovators to bring their AI visions to life, effortlessly and affordably.

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